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Great Day.!

By Monday, October 28, 2013 ,

Request from my friend, she want me to create a post with english language,
umm... I'm so sorry if my english ability is not good

after a long day of school (Monday until Saturday IN EVERY WEEK)
me and my friend finally had the time to go.
(sunday morning -_-)
:) I, Dina, Phega, and Irene  went to a festival in a
mall in Bandung, starting with bought drinks at KFC, I and Dina buy Mocca float while phega and irene buy two grape float,

This is my Mocca Float
Our Mocca and Grape float

we took some  pictures , laughing and had a very great day, I share some picture and one short clips hope you enjoy it..!, 
I'm so sorry this video is not really good in editing, but I will always try to do best for you all 

Don't care about CCTV haha..Crazy..(In Lift)

Hello World..! We are SKB..!!, hope you enjoy watch our video..!!!

See you..!

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