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By Sunday, November 17, 2013 ,

haloo all..!!  I was finished  an event in my school .. that is about "Pramuka" or in english that is "scout", so cool, fun, and make me realize that friendship is very important in life , and we have a family on our group , to help each other , respect to senior and also to each other,  and many more,

I had a lot of experience,. . but .. guys, I hurt my hand, when do a "brotherhood games": (but do not worry, I'm okay, I'm okay ..: D

start from 07:00 AM and finish in 02:00 PM , i spent 7 hour but that is really cool..!!
sorry friend, I don't have picture about that event , because I have no time to take picture, and when I want to go home , a big rain come, so.. I hope you understand..!

but trust me, today was a great day for me, and scout is very helpful for build   respect to  senior or friendship to each other, and a lot of good experience that you can found  at  scout, I'm serious

I don't have picture about today, but I want to show you, Best brother ever..!!
that is my brother and I  ..! (I love you my bro..!!)

Adha (My brother) and I

 I'm so tired now but I'm happy:)

oh ya..! I will make a Retromatic4 album, coming soon..!!!

hope you enjoy your day!

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