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Lookbook ♥

By Sunday, November 24, 2013 , ,

hi all..!! Today's post is  "my Lookbook"
this is about fashion, um... that's going to be my daily fashion style , for hang out with my friends, go with my family, or attend to party

The first one is "Cute and simple" *i think*
this is a abstract shirt and army short pants, cute for stay at home or go to friend's home

combination of White T-shirt,Red Jacket ,black pants, hand watch from Bvlgary,Bag from Sophie Martin Paris, white converse and Oh I forget, and Black eyeglasses
I wear this style when I go to retromantic 4 with my family

this is really cute *i think*
striped sweater,dark jeans,bag from sophie martin paris, light brown scarf,white converse, and hand watch, makes this style look cute

I have no word for this dress.. I love it..!!
this style can be useful for attend a party or dating with your *ehem* boyfriend maybe?
that is black dress with white dots from Nevada,Bag from sophie martin paris,hand watch from Calvin Klein,silver cute ring .I wear this when I attend my family's friend wedding party.
oh god ♥..

5 .That is very simple style, I recomend it for stay at home , because it's very comfortable.
6.this is style for go to street or go with your friend,or many more?
Simple T-shirt, black pants,grey jacket and black converse makes this style look casual ,simple and nice

and.!!! I have one picture that I very recomend it.!
I think this is Vintage style,
with White shirt, black sweater, dark jeans, white converse, hand watch from Bvlgary,bag from sophie martin paris.

Oke guys.. hope you like my style, give your opinion , and which one you like it,  in comment bar or send me message to  e-mail, Oh and you can mention me on twitter..:D
let me know your style you can send me picture on email or Instagram :)
Look in my bio (twitter/instagram/E-mail)
that is not sponsored post, all  opinion is my own
Have a nice day

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