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By Saturday, November 09, 2013 ,

Hello guys ..! I want share to you very cool post ..! * I think *
OH MY GOD I very very very happy today, Wow ..! I had very great experience in retromantic 4 I go with my family, and My father participated in the event ;)
I look a lot of retro car and they all are very cool ..!
Umm .. I eat grilled sausage, Noodle cup * hahaha *, MINERAL WATER (-_-), Sprite, and FRIED DUMPLINGS (?) So yummmyy ...
Ou yeah ... many kind of retro car here ..! I was very excited, in retromantic 4 held the retro car contest, canteen for food, and sale many kind of retro car's spare part,
retromantic 4 held in GRAND PARADISE, in Lembang, Bandung city-Indonesia
Start from 01:00 PM until 05:00 PM, but I stay in there from 8:00 AM-_-
wahhhh .. I'm so tired right now .. but I want share this cool experience with you all ..
I have to say .. AMAZING
Okeeee .. let's Check out some picture, this is about the event, and my fashion  today.


 okeee welcome to RETROMANTIC4 look a lot of cool car ..oh my good I love it.. haha sorry about blur.. because I took this from my phone -_- ouh yeah...

This is me haha wow I was very Excited..!!
I dont caree I love it *sing*

this is  2 car ..um..I think I very excited about them..
picture number 1: the owner of the car is very creative he make his car look rusty and look very old ,that is very unique i love it!

and picture number2: WOW  race car..!!! the owner is very cool..! I love race car and,, absolutely retro race car

Look ..I took a picture with some car.. very cool you knowww..!!??
um sorry about "n" on RETROMATIC on this picture  i mean to say that is RETROMANTIC hehehe sorryy

Fashion timee..!! this is my outfit today, I wear white T-shirt,red Jacket,Bag from Sophie Martin Paris <3 ,hand watch from BVLGARI , black long pants and white converse, simple but comfortable, and still fashionable ahaa...and black sunglasses

yeah.. it's time to rest (08;50 pm in my contry) hope you like it..! when I have free time, I want to create albums of retromantic 4 , 

See you there..!!

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