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By Tuesday, November 05, 2013 ,

good morning everyone..!!!!
today I want to share about SKB hehe..
Yeah.. I spend 4 hours for edit the picture and video -_-
but the video is not be really good in editing ..
yeah I learned and try step by step hehe ...

song in the video is not mine
Song is
*Popular song by mika ft Ariana Grande
*I love it by Icona pop
 *Song to the sea by DJ Antoine

hereee the video..;) 
hoho sorry if not good..:D
here some picture
SKB.. one and Only :D

Phega, Me, AND Dina


Dina and I (sorry Blur picture haha)
Me and Phega

Okeeee... that is posting for today ..
I going to prepare my breakfast (in my country now is morning)
hope you like my posting ..;) 

Enjoy your day !

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