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Today's Outfit

By Tuesday, November 26, 2013 , , ,

hello all..!!! today I going to show you about my outfit today...

Just simple style, with T-shirt, jacket ,hand watch, and dark jeans, oh yeah,, with sandals..

but that's really comfortable because we not in the Formal event..

and here I am, now in my country is 08:10 pm, I just sitting, playing my computer, listen my music playlist , open the internet yeah.. like Twitter, Facebook,Youtube, download some song , and of course .write post for blog, for you all

Oh my god.. I want to tell little bit.. crazy's story about my feeling..
a few days ago, I saw "person " that make me confused..
No .!! I'm not falling love ! Seriously, I just confused.. I'm not falling in love with him -.-
Oh.. That's gonna make me Crazy *hahaha.. I'm just kidding* I mean.. makes me feeling so complicated..you know..? I will never falling in love with him.. Promise... I Promiseeee..!!

ahahahaaa.. Back to topic..that is picture, (My outfit today)

Oke friends..that is for now..
hope you like my post, and enjoy your day..!

bye bye ..!

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