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I'm Back..!!!!!

By Wednesday, December 18, 2013 , , ,

Hello all..!! I'm back..!!!
after a long long..LONG TIME..finally I have time for posting, hahaha I had a Final Exam last week, I hope I have a good grade..:D

I just say hello to you all.. and thanks for your message (in E-mail). hahaha ..you all waiting for me.:) thank you ..thank you..
oh yeah.. I have a little story for you ..

 It's been 3 days..I had an amazing day
about yeah.. you know, I don't know why but actually  I enjoyed every second..when I close to  him
Yeah I know that was weird.. but seriously, he  increased my spirit for go to school.. haha..
I know.. I'm getting crazy..
oh my god, I want to control my feeling..
don't be like this, , but I swear..I will enjoy if everyday like this..haha
I think I was fall in love?  ahaha what? oh no ..that was amusing..


 oke.. now.. I want to tell you about my last friday,
Phega , Dina, and I meet in my grandmother's house after  school
we talk about our weekend plan,
we will go out to  mall..buy some.."same thing" and go to city hall .. and in the night we will  held  a "sleepover" in my home
Oh.. I'm so excited..!!
Can't wait..

but before it all .. I will take my school  value  during one semester (in indonesia is "Raport semester 1")
I hope ..I have great and good grade..! I want to make my parents happy and makes them  proud of me.. please ..pray for me guys.

 oh, I want to write  "Pertanyaan Mingguan #3" for Indonesian reader..but if you not an Indonesian people   you can translate it..or I will  post with english language .. *complicated*
 Oke guys, I want take my dinner..
hope you like my post.. and again, I'm so sorry.. if my english skill  is not good,

Have a nice day..!!

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