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Amazing day

By Wednesday, January 01, 2014 , , ,

Hello all ..! Happy new year ..!

hope in 2014 we can be better than before

and .. today's post is going to be ...
day with SKB Whoaaa ..: D
one word .. Excited ...

first we went to Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP) that is one of a lot of a mall in Bandung city,
That's me..!! smilee

Girls baby..
 we took a picture in photo studio but .. sorryyy ... I can not upload it because my scanner was .. oh .. I do not want to tell about that. (-__-)

okee back to topic .. in BIP .. we ate in Jesslyn Bread and Cake
and I bought some bread for my brother who wait for me at home. * haha * 

after that .. we go to Accessories store, and I bought some make up ..
Phega, Dina, and I bought  same necklace, wohoo .. that was fantastic ..!
and before back to home
we ... visit City Hall .. took some picture .. and I love that place .. because the view is so good, some  people doing various activities there...

I think..my english ability in this post is not good..(so bad) -__- *are you agree with me?*
cause,  grammar makes me confuse for  make some sentence
Oh guys,,, forgive me..!! hope you understand..
but I will always learn and try for be better..

oke hehe my aunty visit my home now..
see you later..

I love you..!!!

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  1. Doesn't take too long to like this blog: nice posts, beautiful pictures, pretty blogger *uhuk*
    Keep the good work, you can practice writing English here, write as many as possible whatever you have in your mind.
    Just forget about the mistakes you are afraid of, the grammar, the spelling....
    You can correct yourself by reading a lot of English text. The more you read the better your writing will be. And finally you can get more and more knowledge about English or another subject.
    Sorry, I have just come to see your blog. I lost the blog address and thank God, this morning I found it....
    Love you....

  2. I'm so glad..thank you so much for visit my blog Mz,yaah..my blog is not really good.. I'm junior here hehe..
    yeah..Blog is the place that I can share anything in my mind xD
    I really love to read english text (story,Biography, etc) because I get so much knowledge..and I can correct my english skill eheh..
    I really proud because you can take a little of your time for visit my blog x)
    thanks for all tips..annddd
    again..Thank you so much Mz..^_^