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School, I love...

By Saturday, January 25, 2014 , , , , ,

Hi there, long time no see, uh..a lot of homework make me crazy..-_- byt That’s oke, because I want to be smart :D
BTW, I going to show you about....my school life , oh school..<3
ha..ha..ha school is full of F.U.N  
eheheh, yeah..in the school ..we learn about life,friendship,LOVE, and many things  that we don’t know before.and I'm in love in school hahahaha UGLY ..but not classmate, he is senior <3
*Why I say like that? * no..no..I just adore him..maybe haha..that's weird ..I call it Beautiful Trouble (?)
um btw,  a tweet that you wrote in twitter  a few days ago, make me speechless ;) *I hope it's me* #ups

Some people Hates School..but I think I love school, because I had so much knowledge there :D From homework,and when teacher give lesson in class though I don’t really like Math..*hehe*
but I LOVE  english lesson so MUCH..<3
Yeah,,! I have many friends in school, and some friends was take picture with me..:D

This is me with Dina

 Me and Assyifa
 Me and Jovanka

surprise for dina's 16th birthday :D

And.. I have some special in Thursday,because, we had a surprise party for my BFF..<3  Dina
in 16th birthday..! Happy birthday budin..! wish you all the best, !
hahaha, that’s ugly face..
hehe sorry I’m just kidding -__-

and after school Phega,Dina, and I will go to steak restaurant to celebrate her birthday.:) that’s will be great saturday..!

hmm, that is 7:50 AM in my country  and I have to prepare all things that I need  for  School
I don’t want to running late,
so...hope you like my post and have a nice day guys..!

Love you !

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  1. Ah, read this post make me really miss my high school :)))
    So memorable as far hehehe