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By Sunday, March 23, 2014 , , , ,

Heii guys, today I want to tell you about yesterdayy.!! Yaayyy...
yesterday, Me, Ajeng,Assyifa ,and Ina, *Without Anas :( * went to Sri Baduga Museum..

little bit about Sri Baduga Museum..
Sri Baduga Museum is a museum located in Bandung city , West Java province, Indonesia. The museum is managed by the provincial government of West Java, which began to be established in 1974 by utilizing the former Kawedanan Tegallega old building, which was inaugurated on 5 June 1980 by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the time, Daoed Joesoef.
Sri Baduga Museum is museum that shows evidence of cultural objects in West Java. Geography and natural resources affect the growth and development of the culture of West Java.
Oke..here ..the pictures that taken by me..
 *and many more*
and this is the girlsss... ;)
Assyifa, Ina,and I
Ina,Ajeng,Assyifa,and I *So sad without Anas :( *
Me and Ina :D

 Oke guys..after visit the museum, we went to mall (Bandung Indah Plaza) ..yuhuu... take some picture in photo studio..shopping and buy some food..! and we went to Gramedia bookstore too..
here the pictures.. 
It's me ;)

and this is my style..
I was wearing a red shirt and black cardigan, wearing jeans and white converse *that's my favorite..dear* , a bag of sophie martin paris, and Calvin Klein watches ,and obviously simple for my makeup
and the background is in front of Sri Baduga Museum 
okay guys .. It's a lot of photos that I show in this post ..
if you are interested to visit Sri Baduga museum.. you can visit it here:
Jl. BKR.No 185 Cigereleng Regol Bandung,West Java -Indonesia

Oke, maybe enough for now, have a nice day

I love You guys..!

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  1. Jadi pengen kesana :-) salam kenal dan di tunggu kunjungan baliknya ke blog ane sist

  2. momen yang keren,dari museum lanjut ke mall. ^_^

    salam kenal, di tunggu kedatangannya di blog ku.