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The Wedding

By Friday, March 21, 2014 , , ,

Hallo guys !! This is a continuation of a previous post that is....“My sister Wedding party”
yeah as u know.. My trip to Cirebon is for attend my sister’s  wedding..
the party is held at Aston Hotel ,Cirebon..
that’s so great with so amazing decoration , yummy food*eheh* and Music,
Let’s see...:) 

                            Uh sorry if the picture is bad..because I  capture it by the phone -__-

andd that is my big Families (Grandma, Aunty,and My mother was there too )

 and this is my family..
I love you so much mom, dad, and obviously my brother..

 I love you mom..dad ..

and this is the main character..
my sister and her husband (the bride)
look so sweet and my sister is very beautiful

and now.. we back to our world baby...
fashion time..!!

This is actually Neon Pink dress with  black in outside and black ribbon, which makes it look very elegant  , mix with a necklace,  Calvin Klein watches, rings, and White Wedges are making this look is perfect for a party in a room at evening

I wear simple makeup :: The first is a moisturizer, liquid foundation and powder which  certainly in line with my facial skin, black eyebrows, wearing maroon and little bit black  in my eyes, pink blush to the cheekbone area, Eyeliner, Mascara, and pink lipstick to the lips * don't  forget to wear lipbalm *
and I think that's cute

little bit Bloopies guys..that is my brother and I

Oke guys that is my experience..hope you all enjoy it..
have a nice day

I love You..!

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