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Trip To Cirebon

By Friday, March 21, 2014 , , ,

Holla guys, Oh my,, long time no see.. yeah..I REALLY busy..
Mid test, and many homework yeah you know..
I want to tell you about my trip to cirebon 2 weeks ago,
me and my family go to cirebon for attend my sister’s wedding party..!!!

I’M SO EXCITED..!!  we went to cirebon by the Train, at 06:00 PM and arrived at 10:22 PM
and you know..? the weather SO HOT in cirebon,

this is the picture

at the Bandung Station


And absolutely for my style I.. wear t-shirts with SWAT logo, wearing a yellow jacket and it was very comfortable, and also black jeans and my white converse .. simple and comfortable..but cute
at the Train hehe..
And this is when we leave Cirebon and go back to Bandung ..!!
bye bye Cirebon..! I will miss you so much..! and I will miss the weather which very hot..! haha

Oke that is little bit about my trip, to cirebon..

Bye Bye..!

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