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Back to School

By Tuesday, April 22, 2014 , ,

heihei guys..
you know.. yesterday is Back to school .. Yeah..my senior is finished the National Examm..!! And now..we back to the school..oh yeah..

In one week ago... Me and My grandma was go to salooonnnn..!!
I take a Creambath and my grandma was cut the hair..oh yeah..and after that.. We go to Boutique for buy some clothes and go to Borma Store !! For buy some makeup some Snack and etc ;)
Love it !!
I'm sorry because I just post one pict (and maybe not really good in editing) ..but I planning to make the albums ..COMING SOON

Okeoke that is for now..and yeah! Thanks For Comments in the Email
And my reply is :
"My Favorite mascara is MAC Product " ^^


                  bye bye!

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