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Oke Good

By Thursday, April 10, 2014

oke..blogg time everybody..
And again Thanks for the e-mail :)
Eheheh..yeah..Comment bar in this blogg..was Error *maybe??*
So you can send the commentar in e-mail (Look in my bio guys)
LOL..Busy with many kind of activities..
School..and..yeah..as you know..teen activities
But woww..
Today I got my mid test result ..
And my English grade is 3.67 (9,5) and my parents says that is Excellent!!
Wooowww..and I was in the top 10 in class
*Thanks god*
Oke oke..Picture..em..yeah old picture..
And..for this weekend I will go to saloooonnn!!  With my grandma
I will share to you guyss..
But My planning is go with the girls.. In next week ..*can't wait*
I have no word...
            have a nice day!

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