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Hiking to the Mountain

By Sunday, May 11, 2014 , ,

hello all..:)
second post on today huahaha,,,(?)
I can't  wait to tell you..
yesterday I was Hiking with my friend and my senior in Scout to Maribaya,Lembang
Fresh air..beautiful view ..oh great nature, although Bandung city is city ​​with a large population and lots of tall buildings and annoying fumes from the vehicles .. but there is a place where I can feel the beauty of nature..

I don't have many picture that I taken..because In the morning my phone was Error (I cant charge that phone) so I go without my phone :'( and borrow my mom's phone..hehe..but..god blessed me..! when I arrived at home and check my phone,,,, my phone is not Error anymore..! but don't worry  I have some picture about Lembang waterfall, the waterfall is not really tall..but that is beautiful with nature sound ..beautiful view and the is is so fresh,,AMAZING..
and you know.. some people sell a food around there ..oh yeah? so many monkey live there..

there is..

Dina,Jannah and I

Yeah.. Although when I arrived at home my leg was..injury..but no problem I'm Oke..:D
and yesterday is very amazing for me :D

have great saturday ?

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