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Many things around here..

By Sunday, May 11, 2014 ,

hollaaaa..!! miss you guys..oh my god.. I want to tell you  many stories about my life.. but.. Speechless hahah.. oke oke, remember about "go with my grandma to the salonnn??" yes pleasee.. I take grape smoothly creambath and that is very comfy.. hah..yeah.. next my grandma and I go to boutique ..and second part is..
I go to Geology museum ..! (I don't know why ..but I love Museum ;) )

really? I love my life..haha..yeah about my life.. I'm not falling in love with him anymore :)
Oke Savannah..that is my answer about your question in E-mail,
god please let my comment bar available(?)

oke back to topic, let's see this..:)

With Anasthasia :)

Budinnn..(With Dina Nurdianti)

Lie Tulip Salon :)

And for my fashion ..(I look fat in that pict *RE-TAKE PLEASEEE* )
I was wearing a shirt with a big collar, floral clothes.. I love it . and I wore a red cardigan and don't forget the dark jeans, and a simple bag,Calvin Klein watches and of course, the converse ...
for the make-up,I just apply a simple makeup , with moisturizer, little bit foundation,powder, Pencil eyeliner and I'm crazy about mascara (haha) , and peach lipstick
and for the hair, I just make my hair with natural curl NO HEAT

Have a great day?

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