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Happy Birthday!

By Wednesday, November 12, 2014


this is about my senior and he also teach us in angklung extra:D he is Kak Rizki Al-Qanun !
he was 18 years old yesterday (8 November) wish you all the best! we hope you'll be able to realize all you hopes and dreams ! 
have a great day in your life!!  Jannah was give him a little surprise party, she give him a cake and gift !!  ahahah..(sweet)  I have some picture  in down..!

Happy Birthday!

btw he's not "my senior" in my older post oke ??
they're a different person ! :D
*I'm the only one who not wearing a hijab.--. but I'm Muslim.! :) *
sorry for grammatical Error
and My english is bad .__.
sorry, never stop learning (?)
yes ! :)

** Coming Soon :: Question Tag & Congos trip(?) . **

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