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Best Friend Forever!

By Friday, December 19, 2014 , , ,

hello,I didn't go to school today .. because ..
I'm a bit sick .. I can't stop sneezing, and that is so bad..
back to topic..
this post is going to be...
an Albums ..!
about my bestfriend.. Jannah ,Phega and Dina,Ina and some  close friends
I love them as my "the best of the best" best friend (?)

here we go..:)
they are Phega,Jannah and Dina,
I love them so MUCH ..!
they're always in my side, always make me feel comfortable when I stay near with them..
we share,laugh,cry,smile together.. and they're my best friend forever..  I've no words for them.. They're the best..!!!!!

and I have some close friend too.. they're good friends for me.. we share and  respect to each other..even though there are so many problem inside of us , but we still be friends no matter what..

and special for her, she is Ina, she's the most faithful friend I ever met, she always give me support and always entertain me ,  she always beside me when everyone's  avoid me.. and I proud of her.. because she have to fight for keep her life.. she have to take care of her mother by her self .. she is the greatest  person I ever met , she has a lot of faith in her life.. stay strong Ina, I know you'll be fine..:) I hope the best for you in the future ..! you're always be my best friend..!

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