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By Monday, December 29, 2014 , , ,

dina,jannah and I was do a girl night..! 2 days ago :D
and now, playing the playstation with my brother

here the picture..!

first is Jannah Yuniar..
her costume is "Rich Girl"
she wearing a dress with a floral design , black jeans and black wedges with a ribbon *so cute* and for makeup she wears: foundation, moisturizer, powder, and for eye makeup, she uses a maroon color, with a little brown eye shadow in the end ,eyeliner and mascara. pink blush to cheek and  also red lipstick on the lips and for the hair, her  curl her hair and leave little on the front(?) and also she wearing her necklace

 second is Dina Nurdianti
her costume is " Rock and Motorcycle "

whoa her style a little different from the others haha ..

for the clothes she used a black leather jacket, black jeans, and in order to give the impression of "woman" she uses a black velvet wedges. for her to use foundation makeup, moisturizer, as well as powder. and also for  her eye makeup she  using solid black eye shadow and thick eyeliner . and for  lips .. she uses a maroon lipstick
for the hair, she was braiding her hair to the side

and me???
my costume is " Classic Teacher "
I wearing a white shirt with lace, brown leather jacket, long black skirt  and white wedges

and for makeup, I was quite simple. I use a foundation, moisturizer, powder, concealer. for eye makeup, I use a light brown eye shadow in the middle, gold and dark brown  to the tip of the eyes . pink blush to the cheeks, and also baby lips and red lipstick on the lips
and for my hair, I curling my hair naturally

 and little bit info, we went to Bandung Indah  plaza mall, buy a friendship bracelets, lunch and read a book in the bookstore "just read hehehe"

Okay, maybe that's enough for now,
always ... sorry for the grammatical errors, I'm not expert in english

bye <3

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