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December is almost over?

By Tuesday, December 16, 2014

long time no see..
it is December!!!
2014 is almost over..

I've been finishing my exam 2 days ago!!!
That is 05:14 AM in my place, so I just wanna say , I'll always here (?)
and.. now is 1 week before holidays come !
I wish I have a good grade ! and best result in my "raport":)
so I can enjoy every minute of my holiday !!
and good news! now I write a novel  , I hope .. finish in 3 or 4 month,
I will share in this blog! that is Indonesian but you can translate into your language with Translator :) emm..

btw this is some questions from my reader via E-mail, and sorry for lately reply :(

"Person who chat with you last time?"
Reply:Jannah, Kak Raden (BBM) , Nuryanti(SMS), Kenny (E-mail)

"do you have a crush? who?"
Reply : YES I have :D, but I won't tell you :D

3.Nuryanti(via SMS) -___-
"Kenny is your crush or boyfriend or..?"
Reply : No..he's not.
he is my crazy bestfriend, If you won't believe me.. you can ask him to tell it

hey I have to go *school time*
p.s. Sorry If I had grammatical Errors


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  1. Baru mampir nih, nyoba baca ahh :)