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Go Shopping

By Sunday, January 04, 2015 ,

Hi lovely readers!

Today I went to the town with ajeng and ina, go to the mall. shopping, and lunch .Take some images to share here.
Now I sit at home with my brother and his friends, they play games while I write the blog. my mother  was accompanying my aunt. my aunty was gave birth to her son today. yayy!!  I have 3 younger cousins. my father went to work and my grandmother was visiting her sister's house.


(?) hhahhaha...

Ajeng and I

and here is the main part, fashion.
first for my outfit, I wear a white T-shirt, a black cardigan with belt,Watches from Swiss Army jeans and Converse also bag from  MNG .

 for makeup, I am simple, just use foundation, concealer, powder, a little eyeliner and lipgloss

for ajeng's outfit, she wears a shirt with a picture, a denim jacket with red stripes, jeans, sandals and a red bag and also he wears a brown hijab. so cute

 for ina's outfit , he was wearing a white shirt, black pants, backpacks and sandals. very simple :)

and yaayy.. Selfie time..!!

have a nice day

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  1. aaaaaaaks jalan jalan terus nih! <3
    kunjungi blog aku yaa, makasih.