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Always in School

By Sunday, February 01, 2015 ,

hei hei.. how are you ?
 A little busy with school .. yes .. always 
and now .. just relax on my couch, writing, and listening to music from Green Day and 5 Seconds of Summer ... Oh I love it !
Recomended song for you is
21 guns by Green Day and Lost Boy by 5 Seconds of Summer ♥
Okay.. today's post is going to be my daily activities

 math :D

on Friday as usual, I went to school and gain knowledge
also meet with friends, and ...
Mathematics in Saturday :(
but I love math on Statistics
and on Saturday my teacher's held a math test
guess how much score I get ?? I scored 90 !! ..honestly
90 in chapter 1 and 80 in Chapter 2 . it was really sweet hahaha

oh and this is selfie time with one of 3 my best friend forever : Budin (Dina Nurdianti)

look into my eyes (0.0)

Oh, and I wear hijab because I took that picture on friday..
and the rules of my school says that .. every Friday Muslim female  students must wearing hijab

oh and little note "Thanks for the picture that you sent to me Kenny! you look so cool , I swear :D" 

see you 

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