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My Song

By Thursday, February 12, 2015 ,

hei hei everyone, today's post is going to be one of my song's lyrics
actually, it isn't a new song, it is an old song 
sorry if  you find so many grammatical errors..

Can You

can you sees the skies
can you sees the moon
and many stars 
glowing in the darkness

 can you see me
can you hear me
I'm standing up behind you
when you walk together with her

*oh, I want you to be mine
but I don't have any ways
so tell me
can you feel my heart
stop, if you just playing with my heart
you act like you give me a chance  
but doesn't means you want to be
with me

now, everynight I spend alone
and thinking bout the reason why I can't stop
I just can't stop loving you

now you see me 
when I stand alone
under the trees on the rain
but then you walk away

now you see me
from a distance
and I see you looking at me
but you still hold her hands

Back to *
Back to Chorus

I try to forget you
I try to stay away
but you always around me 
and make it harder to stay away
from you

I want to hear
 I want to hear you
I want to hear you tell the truth 

Back to Chorus 3x

okay, next time I'll post the music..
and thanks for your comments via E-mail

Have you ever loved someone?


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