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By Sunday, May 31, 2015 , , ,

childhood is the most enjoyable times. 
because,when we were still children, we can play with friends, and don't have to worry about homework or school projects.
maybe some people hates them childhood memory..
but for me, my childhood's memory is important part of my life :)

btw, yesterday is  farewell party with my classmates, not a big party
just a little gathering, lunch , and yeah...laughing together maybe for the last time :(
we had this party because , in the next class, we will not in the same class anymore
so sad :(
I will make special posting about it, but I have no time...
cause, today I had rehearsal for Angklung perform at 12th class graduation party
hahaha.. say good bye for the "senior" .. I'll losing many important things in my life like
my beloved classmates , my seniors..
but I will go up to the next class. kelas 12 :D
and on wednesday, I will do my final exam..
I hope everything goes perfectly

grow up (?)

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