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By Wednesday, June 10, 2015 , ,

finally I have finished my final exam in school, I hope the result is good.
now I'm looking for the right time to make a review of the product again.

and you know? I've been obsessed and poisoned by "How to train your dragon" 
All about them!
OMFG that was really AMAZING.
They're really cool, and.. I LOVE TOOTHLESS  SO MUCH

he is really Cute xD
and I also love Hiccup, Astrid and..Ruffnut!

and also I still in love with all about  Naruto  Manga 
I Love that Manga since I was 10 years old :D

I can't explain how much I love both of them..
I'm freaking out everytime I saw all about them..
yeah Fangirling..;)

btw, this is me with Degrees.. and Fitri <3
love you girlsss.....

have a nice day!

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