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Happy Birthday Sist ♥

By Sunday, June 14, 2015 , , ,

yesterday is Jannah's ( one of my best friends) 17th celebration birthday ,actually, her birthday on the 11th of June, but we have no time for make a little surprise party, we planned..and we had this yesterday..heheh 
okay, not a big celebration , but I hope that will be unforgettable for her ♥

Kak Rizki is also join with her celebration, he is the one who bring the cake..
hahah, I see her expression when Dina and Ghen come with him

I saw her very surprised, and her face blushed 
it's impossible for her that he will come. but the fact? he's come!
Thank you so much Kak Rizki !, because you join with us yesterday!!

and we took some selfies in Jannah and Kak Rizki's phone..

we had so much fun!
eat the cake, jokes and many more!
let's see..

nom nom!
mine was blur so I didn't upload it -___-

with the birthday girl ♥♥♥

okay birthday girl.. open your eyes ! =))
I choose those picts because they have really good in lighting and position (angle) than other photos
btw I saw that pict and flashback to my old post about Kak Rizki's birthday

I think they have um... sweet smile ? (?) *don't judge me*

 POSEEEEEEE....*I look bad in that pict right -__-*

 oi, and this is my selfie (?)

okay, this is it, happy birthday my sister/my Best Friend. Wish you all the best
I hope you'll be able to realize all you hopes and dreams ! 
have a great day in your life
we will always love you sist!!
bad Grammar.. I know..-___- I'm so sorry ..

we love you bae

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