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17 Years Old

By Friday, September 11, 2015 , ,

really excited to post this
It's about my birthday!
my birthday is 8 september
Jannah and Dina give me little surprise party, with Rechta and Ghen too :D
they're my BEST FRIEND <3
they're make a video about me with my Ugly old picture and  birthday greetings video from several friends, including my family
thank you so much, :')
yesterday is the sweetest birthday ever
my Family also give me surprise :)


Birthday greetings :)

Dina,Ghen,Jannah and I  (siblingsss (?) )

 Happy Face (?)

with Rechta too <3

hahaha xD

Best !

Let's be friends:)
follow me on instagram @nadakurmelia
Twitter @nada_kurmelia
Facebook Nada Ayu Ananda 

thank you so much,  I love you guys :)

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