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Something that cannot be changed

By Friday, September 25, 2015 ,

"Friendship" one word that describes so many things..
a friendship is a bond between a person and others which will never end..
disputes and quarrels would not separate a friendship if one another can throw out  their egoism *okay sorry for my bad english*

I have so many best friends.. and I love them all

old memories :')
I really love them all 

and beside that  I also have really special best friend.. They're Jannah and Dina..
they're always by my side no matter what..
they're always cheer me up when I'm down..and make me smile again..
everyday is fun with them.. laugh and crazy .. so fun!
like I said "they're like my own sisters" and I really love them like my own sisters
I have never had  an elder sister,(yeah because ..I just have one brother)   but because of them, I feel like I have it..

Friends forever

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