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The second post: a very amazing day

By Saturday, September 12, 2015 , , , , , , , ,


Today me and my lovely bestie named Jovanka have a crazy and  fun trip!.. first we go to the  "bikasoga" swimming pool..
to follow the swim test, * ahem... but we didn't swim, just do a test on paper *
we take the road very far, because we decided to walk! ha ha

and finished with bikasoga, we decided to buy a "float" at KFC
I ordered the "Mango float" while Jovanka  "Mocha Float" and "Ice cream sundae"
Here some selfies


 Jovanka send my photo to someone and that was embarrassing -__-

 with some friends!

and for the outfit, I wore clothes made of velvet brown with floral print around.
with black jeans and a boots with heels.
wearing my favorite bag and several bracelets and my necklace.. and rings
for hair .. I just tied half
and to make up, as usual I natural make up and..   just a little trick on concealer to cover dark circles under my eyes.

I want to show the outfit of Jovanka but it looks like she forgot to send it to me :D

have a great weekend!

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