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By Sunday, October 11, 2015 ,

this is..October? Whoahh... .. there was already two years I wrote this blog ..
thank you all for your comments and suggestions given to me by E-mail
it means a lot to me .. Arigatō gozaimasu minna!
my english is bad  hehe .. but I really want to learn and keep learning .. ..!
oh btw, I wear Iket and Karembong. we usually use it every Wednesday (Rebo Nyunda) -FYI, Rebo nyunda  is one of the weekly activities in Bandung, which aims to preserve Sundanese culture as one of the local culture that developed in West Java-
actually, iket for boy and karembong for girl , but jovanka and I wore both of them :D *just for fun:)*   because in the fact, jovanka and I just wore 'karembong'
-FYI *again*, Iket in sunda is the head of the fabric cover is part of the completeness of everyday man on the island of java. -

with jovanka..;) 

 with Reza, yoo bro!

and again, Thank you very much!

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