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Countdown to 2016

By Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello all!
2016 is almost here, in my country now is 10:00 PM
and we know that 2015 will end soon,
we have passed many enjoyable times in 2015 and now  2016 are already in front of our eyes!
I really excited , I hope The new year will be a new spirit, opening up new and better life, useful for public and of course make our parents proud.

I will do my best in 2016, you have to do that too okay?
btw, this is my picture tonight

Kimono xD

the last selfie in 2015

btw I got my new hair style, and that is hair bangs hahah
some of my friends say, that when I have my bangs like that , remind them when I was in 5th grade

hahahaha!, Time make us old, but never too old to smile :)  *what?

I just wanna say.. Akimashite Omedetoo Gozaimasu!!!!

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