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I ♥ You 'Degrees'

By Saturday, January 16, 2016 , ,

Hey all, long time no see!

2016.. what?
it feels like yesterdey I wrote in this blog :)

btw, back to school is started one week ago haha and I took many picture,

here we come!

Besties ♥ , she is Assyifa, in my class one table has 2 chair, and she sits beside me :D we always discuss about my stories or her story on wattpad :O and crazy about our crush hahaha! btw, she knows that I am obsessed with Uchiha Itachi
Visit us ! My wattpad account : @ndeigetsu (Nada Ayu Ananda) and ASNOENG "Assyifa" 's account : @Syifaaams

 I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! ♥ they're my best friend outside Dina,Phega, and Jannah

 with Ajeng and Ina

 Anasthasia and I


my new look duhh???

Ah hey for Indonesian readers, I've been published my newest fanfiction on wattpad named "BETWEEN" that is on going series (?) please read umm... leave vote and comment there, and my other fanfiction "AISHITERU SENPAI" is near to final chapter  :'(

sorry I've been gone for a long time, because I was focused on my school and Wattpad (?)
oh my english still bad? I know :( please understand, still learn and learn.. don't worry 

Wanna be my best friend??

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