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Important Lesson ❤

By Monday, June 18, 2018

Well, I've been through some hard day previously. I don't know why.. but I guess I am not strong enough to face everything at once.  Sometimes I didn't even know who I really am.. often I'm living to be like everyone wish I am.. and in the end of the day, when the night comes, I realize that I am wearing a mask all day long.

I admit, I'm only brave enough to being honest to a bit of people I close to. I'm not as strong as everyone know I am.. I need a hand to bring me up when I'm down. I need a smile that make me sure that everything will be alright.

as far as I know.. I had some people who wants to accept me whoever I am.. I love those people so much as my own family member.. I don't have much, maybe really little circle of us.. but I feel like I'm home.. I can feel save, I can feel that I still have a reason to smile.. I can made up my mind again and put it together, I can feel comfortable.

Is that wrong If I care to people who I'm never met  before? No, right? Everyone has their freedom to choose people they'd be friend with. as long as you believe in them, and they believe in you. Every relationship can going well..

doesn't God create people to meet, to establish a relationship? Such as a family, friendship, love. Every encounter has meaning, nothing is ever in vain.

Maybe some of people will think that I'm naive.. But at least all of those things I said before is what I believe.. And I will regret nothing about that.

And well, maybe that's enough for now.. I obviously share my thoughts again next time.

Oh, and I want to share my art to celebrate one of my special day in every month😂
Well well~
Here you go down there.

Well, today's note is done. Hopefully all this can be a lesson for me and all of you, so we can become a better human being

Hey you guys my happiness little circle, keep being you, and please stay to be my 'home' and the stars which shining my heart. Please don't go, don't leave me behind like everyone in my past do, and... don't make my life back to the past, when everything is dark and I can't see anything.

               ◆Friendship is Beautiful

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