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just stay away from "pressure to be perfect"

By Thursday, December 25, 2014 , ,

hello guys.. little motivation for us.. as a girl :)

We know that every girl wants to be perfect,for have a lot of friends,be confident, and beloved by someone

want to have a flawless face, long and beautiful hair, good body ,white teeth, and the newest fashion style..

but some people can't be like that for some reason..

don't be sad and don't make an assume that be a  perfect is only "one"  way to make your life is better..
no.. that's not
there is a lot of way to makes your life wonderful, just be your self, and believe that  you can be better without push yourself . :)

nobodies perfect in this world..so don't worry

You are the hero of your life, so create your own happiness and start the day with faith😊

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